Red Light District in Paris Exposed!

Red light brothels in Paris continue to be a hot topic, with French working girls keeping up with the growing demands from business travelers & tourists. Paris brothels and red light areas like Pigalle are teaming with thousands of ladies of the night, many who immigrated from Asia and Eastern Europe. The difference in quality and prices between tourists & locals is huge, with savvy locals & journeymen travelers enjoying top level girls at a fraction of what tourists pay. Research pays off when it comes to French funhouses, as anyone who has been here knows. Take your time to make the best plans possible, to give you every edge in Paris brothels.

Paris Brothel Reviews

  • Marcus Taylor

    want body to body massage in hotel.  near pigale

    • Michal

       Marcus try any of the recommended outcall girls, they’re all good.  Whatever you do don’t listen to the guys on the street around Pigalle.  They’re paid to lead you into ripoffs.  lol

  • Martise

    Pigalle sucks.  I try it all week an nothing but scam. 

  • Randy

    I went to Hotel de la Terasse and they have girls available.  The quality is poor though, older girls.  Any tips on better quality working girls in Paris?

  • Qhusham

    bond sometimes broken , cheated to very old women ,with saggy breasts. illegal places were much better.