The Greatest Paris Brothels?

Paris red light districts aren’t just for tourists. Sure, the world famous Pigalle district entertains thousands of newcomers each night. And yes, Paris red light districts (there ARE more than one!) offer some of the finest prostitutes and brothels in Europe, if not the world. You’ll soon find out that the good Paris brothels house some of finest specimens from all over Europe and Asia. You can find many delightful teenage eastern European beauties and even Thai and Cambodian girls, anxious to fulfill your wildest fantasies for very reasonable prices.

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Pigalle red light district is home to dozens of tourist traps.

Dangers do exist in the Paris sex scene, though. Many customers are scammed into paying first for services from a sexy prostitute, only to have her “pull a runner”, leaving the customer alone and unsatisfied. Worse yet, many French prostitutes are involved in mafia rings, and would-be customers are sometimes beaten or simply robbed of everything. In fact, these often unreported crimes leave a real black mark on the entire Paris experience for the less than savvy pleasure seekers, including yours truly. Let me tell you about my first time here.

Paris Red Light: Mistakes To Avoid!

When I first came to Paris in 1998 I was a real dipshit. One night, after feeling the pangs of desire, I decided to try my luck in the red light district (he only one I knew at the time, Pigalle). I walked into a brothel which seemed fair enough at first. Nice looking women, friendly staff. As I sat there I bought a cocktail for the girl I was sitting with. She seemed charming, was about 25 years old, and I decided I’d like to hire her services.

When I told her I wanted “everything”, she told me strongly that it would cost (equiv) $600. Amazing how much better their English gets when money is the topic! Since that was more than I was willing to pay, I told her no thanks. That was when the trouble began. My intentions were to choose another girl and start the negotiating again. But at that point I was handed the bill by the largest bouncer in the place, a real gorilla. $450! For a beer and a cocktail! I knew I was in the middle of a scam, but I didn’t know the way out. I told them I didn’t have that much on me. I threatened to call the embassy. The police. Everything just made them laugh. I asked the first hooker if her offer was still good – she said, “sure”. The gorilla then told me he’d forget the bill if I went with her. So $450 for two drinks, or $400 for two drinks and a fuck. I think you know the rest.

Why Paris Taxi Drivers are the WORST Ones To Ask!

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Paris working girl offering herself.

Needless to say, I don’t consider myself such an idiot anymore – at least when it comes to Paris. The problem for newcomers, is that every time you see a brothel you won’t know if it’s a tourist trap or a gold mine. During my dozens of business trips, some lasting weeks, I prowled the sex scene of Paris almost nightly. It was on one of my ramblings along the river that I met Richard McGovern.

Richard was a Scottish businessman – and also a certifiable genius in the area of Paris prostitutes! The guy seems to know every corner on each boulevard. He knows the speakeasy brothels, what each charges, who works where, and who works on the side. More than once, we were walking together & a hooker would run out of the brothel and hug him or tickle him. He was, it felt like, the mayor of the Paris red light district! And as I’ve come to discover, I was only scratching the surface.

What a friend to have! Richard took me to the top shelf brothels, nowhere near the ones I’d known. Many were hidden in plain sight – right in the middle of everything, but without signs or lights. And I still remember the first girl I had in one of Richard’s places – an 18 year old Czech girl who looked like she fell right out of a magazine and onto my lap. The experience was unforgettable, as you can easily imagine. Richard continued to show me around when I’m in Paris, every time I’d thought I had seen all his secret brothels he’s ready to show me another. Czech girls, Russian girls, Swedish girls, even Thai girls. Beautiful, young, and for a fraction of the price the tourists pay. Trust me – a few euros goes a LONG way with these agreeable young vixens.

Paris Brothel Guru Releases Explosive Secrets!

After dozens of sensational experiences, I’ve realized how powerful knowledge really is when it comes to the Paris Red Light district. And if you’re looking for good action now in Paris, but don’t have the time for trial and error learning on your own, Richard’s Paris Red Light guide might be just what you’ve been searching for. The revolutionary tell-all quickly lays it all out there – Richard’s brothel guide is the fastest and most proven way to experience Paris the way the insiders do. What will YOU discover inside this Guide?

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